Thursday, September 06, 2007

(All downloads fixed)
Karate CHAMP Remake

Now is time to fight karate! Join in KARATE CHAMP!

Karate Champ Remake is waiting for you to be DOWNLOADED!
Take a look in the menu of the right.

(After download, see the "info.txt" for keys and more informations.)

The game is 100% playable but I´ll hold the game a little while I check bugs.

Here are some features:
* All sprites remade, as a remake had to be (not yet) ;
* Some moves changed/improved;
* Netplay WORKING! (direct IP connection);
* Auto-Screenshot on hit;
* AI for Player-PC game;
* Some extras, as... well, you should play!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Kill Or Cry

Kill or Cry is a splitscreen 2D shooter game. Here are the features:

* Up to 4 player, that can be humans or BOT controlled;

* 6 models: 3 humans and 3 creatures;

* 2 game types: Deathmatch or team match;

* 9 weapons: 5 Machine-guns, 2 sub machine guns, 1 shotgun and 1 rifle, with real names;

* Up to 3 Joystick + Keyboard, and with key configuration;

* Scenary can be all crushed;

* Blood and scenary scrap;

* And much FUN. And FREEWARE.

Take a look at the screen shot:


The game is full and there is no bugs in sight. Althrough, It was tested under Windows 98 SE and XP but there are no reasons to do not run under other Windows versions.


Know bugs:

Windows 98: No bugs found yet! If it's your system you won't get problem!

MORE Cannon Fodder

Why Cannon Fodder?

Did you already played "Command & Conquer", "Commandos", "Star Craft" or "Warcraft"? It will be strange if you answer "No". Those strategy games are/was in the glory! Commanding troops in missions is very good! As "Wolfenstein" was for "Doom", what was for those games? Well, "Cannon Fodder" is the oldest game that has the "essence" of the those games. I'm not 100% sure about it but if it wasn't the first, was the second! If someone know any game, tell me. I would like to play it.

What are the features of the remake?

* Redrawed graph - I don't "rip" the original game. All the graphics was drawed in the Paint Brush

* Game play - The same + inovations. Using the mouse, right click to walk and left to fire. Grenadies and Rockets aren't in the remake. Your ammo isn't unlimited, you will have clips with 30 bullets each. When the bullets run out, your soldier will recharge the weapon (amazing sprite!). There's a menu with 3 options: fire mode 1 (only the closer soldier fires), fire mode 2 (everybody fires, no economy) and divide clips. Your soldier can "talk" (text on the screen, created in the editor)

* Objects - There are mines (kill the soldier), Barrels (blows up to the air and falls in the soldier, if he be there!), Ammunitions Crate (give 1 clip to the soldier or can be destroyed), Briefcase (for missions with "object recuperation").

* Music - The only thing ripped is the title sound. It is the same of the original game (with changes and efects). The inovation is the in-game music. Cannon Fodder has no music during the game but in MORE Cannon Fodder you can select 10 musics in the tracks list (some Iron Maiden!).